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Fwd: Re: Online Activism


eine E-Mail, die ich zum indischen Informationstechnologiegesetz bekommen

>Hi Kai (that sounds like the opening of a rap single..:-))
>The original draft of my article is at
>http://www.arachnis.com/udhay/articles/art-activism2.html -- I'm not
>sure where you originally read it, but this is my copy.
>The full text of the draft bill is at
>http://www.mit.gov.in/it-bill.htm -- there is also an area for posting
>comments. You may also want to monitor the india-gii mailing list for
>more news. <mailto:india-gii-subscribe@cpsr.org>
>Udhay (udhay@pobox.com/PGP:0xCAA67415)



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