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[FYI] (Fwd) new mailing list for smartcards

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Date sent:      	Mon, 31 Jan 2000 23:46:20 +0000
To:             	cryptography@c2.net, dbs@philodox.com, dcsb@ai.mit.edu, e$@vmeng.com,
       	e-gold-list@free-market.net, micropayments@elab.co.uk,
From:           	Rachel Willmer <rachel@intertrader.com>
Subject:        	new mailing list for smartcards

A while ago, I suggested setting up a new mailing list for discussion
about smartcards in e-commerce.

People seemed to think this was a good idea, and I've finally got
round to setting it up.

Please join if you're interested via the web at 

I'll seed the list with any smartcard-related news I think is
interesting, please feel free to comment, argue,etc...


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