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[FYI] Eurvoice (from: nbohm@ernest.net)

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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 11:12:59 +0000
To: eucrypto@fitug.de
From: Nicholas Bohm <nbohm@ernest.net>
Subject: Eurvoice
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>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 23:26:35 +0100
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>From: EurVoice <EurVoice@eurvoice.org>
>   Dear Sir/Madam,
>   I am writing to invite you to participate in a new European Commission
>project designed to canvass the opinions of European citizens about their
>rights in the new Information Society.
>   The impact on society of the new information and communication
>technologies (ICT's) is rapid and likely to be far reaching. The European
>Commission is keen to ensure that the Information Society meets the needs
>of all citizens and consumers as well as those of business. Within this
>context it is seeking to draft a Charter for citizens and consumers in the
>Information Society. This Charter is intended to give political expression
>to the expectations of ordinary citizens and consumers, i.e. the general
>public, in relation to the Information Society.
>   Considerable work has already been done by a group of experts on the
>subject of the new sources and uses of information. This has resulted in a
>draft charter produced by the group. The main issues raised in this Charter
>are: Access to ICT's and social inclusion, effects of ICT's upon political
>representation, privacy, citizens' confidence in e-commerce, information
>rights and freedom of information and the interoperability of standards.
>The Commission now believes that it is important to take an input from the
>'ordinary' citizens of the European Union. 
>   The European Commission has thought that the best way to present the
>current position, receive input and promote discussion would be through a
>multi-functional web-site. The core element of this site  would be a
>dialogue between European citizens with varying interests in the
>Information Society. To further this we have asked participants from all
>over Europe in Business, Politics and the Social sector to participate.
>This discussion, entitled 'EurVoice' will be moderated by Dr. Stephen
>Coleman, lecturer in Media and Communication at the London School of
>Economics  and Political Science (LSE) and the web-site itself will be
>launched at the LSE on the 10 of February 2000. The url for the new site
>will be www.eurvoice.org
>   In the light of your own knowledge and expertise in this field, we would
>like to ask you to take part in this open discussion and perhaps accept to
>lead it on those subjects of specific interest to you. The object of this
>discussion will be to influence the European Commission in its decision by
>informing it of the different views existing in Europe on the subject of
>the Information Society.
>  We would also be very grateful if you could inform us of any
>sister-organisations to yours in the European Union that might have an
>interest in participating in this online-discussion. We seek to have as
>large a base of participants as possible in order to make the dialogue
>lively and somewhat representative, and so as to involve those that would
>not necessarily be included in such a discussion. We hope that you will
>find the issues of  interest to you and that we can rely on your
>participation in this project.
>   We look forward to hearing from you,
>   Yours Sincerely,
>   Anne-Claire Guichard
>   EurVoice Project Administrator / Research Assistant 

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