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"Frenchelon" (was: Re: marianne-paper ?)

At 02:14 10.02.00 +0100, Peter Kuhm wrote:

>gab es zu dem '98 im Zuge der EU-Gespraeche ueber Transatlantischen 
>Beziehungen erwaehnten Papier noch irgendwelche Referenzen?
>|As to this issue, it is about secret co-operation done with the United
>|States. The French Marianne-paper has also claimed that France and
>|Germany are conducting similar co- operation in Europe. Also this
>|matter needs to be investigated.

ich bekam dazu leider keine Antwort, bin nun aber ueber jya.com
auf diesen Text gestossen:

-> http://www.cfp99.org/program/papers/cukier.htm


"Frenchelon": France's Alleged Global Surveillance Network And its
Implications on International Intelligence Cooperation

Kenneth Neil Cukier
Communications Week International


While ECHELON, the United States- and United Kingdom-led global
surveillance program gains widespread notoriety, there is evidence that
European countries are also carrying out international surveillance

France reportedly has developed its own "Frenchelon" -- a worldwide network
of spy satellites and listening stations that systematically eavesdrop on
communications in the United States and elsewhere. Monitoring stations are
said to exist in French Guiana, in the city of Domme in the Dordogne region
of southwestern France, in New Caledonia, and in the United Arab Emirates.

The information gleaned is reportedly used for both political and
commercial ends. Additionally, some speculate that the French project may
mark the first step in a pan-European effort to counterbalance the U.S.'s
global spying capabilities. Germany is said to partially fund France's
initiative in return for access to the information it collects.

The French project is said to be run under the Direction Genéralé de la
Sécurité Extérieure, an organization similar to the U.S.'s Central
Intelligence Agency, and that commercial information is sent directly to
the presidents of large French companies as well as government officials.