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[FYI] Euro-parliamentarians create e-policy think tank


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Euro-parliamentarians create e-policy think tank

Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:16:03 GMT  Joel Deane, ZDNet News

The European Internet Foundation launches Tuesday

More than 50 members of the European Parliament will launch a non-
partisan policy network, the European Internet Foundation, in 
Brussels on Tuesday.  

The EIF said in a press release Sunday that it intends to "help 
mobilise strong political leadership for the network society 
revolution gathering pace across Europe" and that, although it has 
the "strong support" of the European Commission, will remain 
independent. According to its release, the EIF will pursue its 
mission through an on-going programme of live debates, briefings, and 
special projects. It will address the topics of e-democracy, the new 
economy and social change -- identifying emerging policy priorities 
and helping frame policy options.  

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