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Urheberrecht / Mustererkennung

Researchers are developing new search software that lets users
search digital photographs.  The technology, separately in
development by IBM, AT&T, and Virage, analyzes specific features,
such as color, texture, and shape.  IBM's Query By Image Content
(QBIC) software, developed more than five years ago, analyzes
color and patterns within an image.  For instance, when searching
a database of stamp images, users looking for a stamp with a
green tint can request a color search to find matching images.
QBIC is now beginning to be incorporated into office software
products such as those by Lotus to enable users to search for
images such as presentation slides. IBM's Dragutin Petkovic is
now working on a project called CueVideo to combine image
searches with speech and voice recognition capabilities.  AT&T is
developing technology similar to QBIC, dubbed Shoebox, that
searches still images according to color, texture, and shape,
while Virage is at work on a more advanced technology to archive
and search video clips of broadcast news.
(New York Times, 17 Feb 2000)