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[FYI] Free Speech Advocates


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Daily News

Free Speech Advocates  

Decry Mergers  

By Robert MacMillan, Newsbytes.  

February 24, 2000  

The future of Internet users' choices in everything from the 
entertainment they consume to the political candidates and viewpoints 
they espouse could be in online double jeopardy because of the 
pending mergers between AT&T Corp. and MediaOne, and America Online 
Inc. and Time Warner Inc., several participants warned in a Center 
for Media Education roundtable discussion today.  

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the 
participants not only warned Internet users about the basic loss of 
choice when a handful of media companies control the majority of 
broadband Internet services, but they also urged the federal 
government to realize that its general failure to regulate these 
services in the interests of letting market forces decide actually 
contributes to a more restrictive online society.  


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