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FW: Workshop on Free Software / Open Source

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Subject: [Freesw] Workshop on Free Software / Open Source

European initiatives on Free Software
Workshop on Free Software / Open Source

The EU working group on Free Softawre / Open source organise a free workshop
with the objective to achieve a consensus with interested people to the
conclusion/recommendation drafted in the paper :
"Free Software / Open Source: Information Society Opportunities for Europe?"
(download and mailing list at http://eu.conecta.it).

The workshop will be held the 23rd of march 2000 in Bruxelles at Centre
Borschette, 36 rue Froissard (metro Schuman)

For security reasons, you need to register - even if it's a free workshop -
to be able to enter the building where the workshop will be held.

Registration at http://www.ispo.cec.be/topics/i_free_software.html

For those who have already sent a pre-registration form there is no need to
send it again.

Please do not hesitate to redistribute this announcement.


Proposed agenda (subject to modification)

09:30-10:00: registration
10:00-10:15: welcome (Detlef ECKERT and Rainer ZIMMERMAN)
10:15-10:30: agenda presentation (Philippe AIGRAIN)
10:30-10:45: developement models/R&D (presentation by: Werner KOCH )
10:45-11:30: discussion (rapporteur Ben LAURIE)
11:30-11:45: business models (presentation by: Edmund HUMENBERGER)
11:45-12:30: discussion (rapporteur Michel LACROIX)
12:15-14:00: dejeuner
14:00-14:15: IPR (presentation by: Bernard LANG )
14:15-15:00: discussion (rapporteur Yves PAINDAVEINE)
15:00-15:15: the recommendations (presentation by: Carlo DAFFARA )
15:15-16:00: discussion (rapporteur Jesus GONZALEZ-BARAHONA)
16:00-16:15: pause
16:15-16:30: general conclusion (Philippe AIGRAIN)


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