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En: First contact

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Data: Domingo, 27 de Fevereiro de 2000 11:40
Assunto: First contact

>Dear Mr ( Mrs ) HEHL
>My name is CLAUDIO RICARDO HEHL FORJAZ. I'm Brazilian and I live in
>Cascavel, a city with about 250.000 people, in Parana State, Brazil.
>I'm writing you because it is possible we are relatives, once my mother's
>family's name is HEHL just like yours.
>It's been a long time since  my grandmother told me about my grandfather's
>family. She said that my grandfather's father was  German and that he came
>to Brazil from Kassel to work here building a railway,as his brother, who
>used to live in Hamburg,before coming to Brazil. He worked here since the
>latest  years of XIX century. The
>name of my grandfather's father was MAXIMILIAN EMIL HEHL, and he was an
>important engineer here because he planned one of the most beautiful
>Brazilian's cathedral,
> São Paulo City's Cathedral (Catedral da Sé).
>In Brazil Mr Maximilian married Adeleide Schritzmeyer,
>Johann Adolf Schritzmeyer and Maria Amália Schindt's daughther. They had  6
>daugthers and
>1 son, Werner Siegfried Hehl, my grandfather. Mr Maximilian Emil Hehl died
>in 1916 and my dear grandfather in 1990.
>My grandmother told me that the origin of the name is from the XVIII
>century, when the Austrian kings threw some nobles out of their country.
>brothers scape
>to German, and in a bar they decided to make this fact their top secret.
>asshe told me, HEHL means PRINCIPAL, SPECIAL
>Since those days I'm looking for another person who knows about my
>family in German, Austria or other countries.
>One day, searching in Internet I found your e-mail and I wondered if you
>this history or the destiny of another Hehl, so I can write and
>rescue my family's history.
>Thanks for your attention and excuse me if you're not related to this
>Claudio Ricardo Hehl Forjaz