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[FYI] "Tarzan" DVD forces viewers through a jungle of previews

[Interessanter Aspekt: Kopierschutz- und Sperreinrichtungen als (fuer 
den Anbieter) aeusserst flexibles Instrument, um den Konsum eines 
Werkes im Detail steuern zu koennen. Weiterentwicklungen sind 
vorhersehbar, z.B. die DVD der uebernaechsten Generation, die 
herstellerseitig so eingerichtet werden kann, dass man sie erst dann 
erst wieder aus dem DVD-Player nehmen kann, wenn man sie zur Gaenze 
abgenudelt hat.    ;-)                                        --AHH]


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"Tarzan" DVD forces viewers through a jungle of previews 

By Greg Sandoval

Staff Writer, CNET News.com

March 2, 2000, 12:20 p.m. PT

URL: http://news.cnet.com/category/0-1007-200-1563949.html 

Some Disney fans are going ape over the slew of previews and 
advertisements they have to get through before they can watch 
"Tarzan" on DVD.  

In most DVD films, after the obligatory FBI warning, a menu bar 
appears on the screen, directing viewers to the movie or other extra 
material such as interviews with the director, music videos tied to 
the movie or previews.  

On the "Tarzan" DVD, however, viewers have to watch or fast forward 
past both the FBI warning and the previews before they get to the 
menu selection. The roughly four-minute section also touts Disney's 
Web site.  

Viewers have posted scores of complaints on Amazon.com's movie review 
section, with most saying they wanted to be able to skip past the 

One parent wrote: "Loved 'Tarzan.' But the DVD forces you to sit 
through several trailers before allowing you to actually see the 
movie. This is no fun when your 2-year-old is screaming for Tarzan!"  

A Disney executive, who asked to remain anonymous, acknowledged that 
the film didn't include a menu option for the ads and that the 
company has received complaints about it. However, the executive 
defended the ads as a benefit for consumers.  


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