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[FYI] NYT: Powerful Music Software Has Industry Worried


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March 7, 2000

Powerful Music Software Has Industry Worried  


hen the local alternative rock station listed the 300 top songs of 
the millennium in December, Adam Campbell, a freshman at the 
University of Oregon, decided it would be nice to own the entire 

Two hours later, using the fast Internet connection in his dorm room 
and a new online service called Napster, Mr. Campbell had retrieved 
275 of the tunes -- free. They sit nestled on his computer hard drive 
along with 800 or so other songs he has accumulated the same way.  

"That's three days of continuous music," he notes with pride.  

The music industry is already disturbed about how easy it is to copy 
music via the Internet without paying for it.  

But in recent months Napster has greatly magnified the threat.


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