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[FYI] Music to Napster fans ears


Music to Napster fans' ears 
A bandwidth management tool may help lift a ban on
MP3-sharing software imposed by colleges across the


QoS Control product manager Aaron Heber says that five
universities have already signed up for QoS Control, and a dozen
more have expressed interest. Lightspeed, in turn, is thrilled to
have a sexy way to promote its otherwise dry (albeit useful)
software to new clients. And universities aren't the only institutions
putting their stamp of approval on Lightspeed's solution: SAUC
has also publicly endorsed Lightspeed.

After all, limiting student access to Napster is more agreeable to
MP3-hungry students than banning the software outright. "At
least we have an alternative," says Heber. "It doesn't have to
[allow students] to do whatever they want, regardless of
bandwidth. There's compromise required, but people would
rather take that than be completely blocked."


Bandbreitenmanagement und QoS sind wichtige Werkzeuge, um
das Internet tauglich für isochrone Anwendungen wie Telefonie
und Fernsehen zu machen. Sie können von Anbieter jedoch
eingesetzt werden, um Sites von Mitbewerbern unerträglich
langsam zu machen statt sie zu blockieren. In 
Firmenverkaufsgesprächen wird QoS teilweise so beworben.


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