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[FYI] U.S.: Report Says Privacy Challenges Are Significant


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March 10, 2000

Report Says Privacy Challenges Are Significant  


WASHINGTON, March 9 -- The Clinton administration published a report 
on online security and privacy today, noting that law enforcement 
authorities face significant new challenges keeping up with criminals 
in cyberspace.  

But as Attorney General Janet Reno, one of the authors, released the 
report, she said she believed that existing laws were adequate for 
addressing the problems for the most part. And where new laws or 
regulations are needed, she added, the government will consult with 
industry representatives before deciding how to proceed.  

"Let us discuss those" issues, Ms. Reno said. "Let us understand what 
the balances are. Let us sit down with industry."  

Even before those discussions have begun, the American Civil 
Liberties Union complained about the terms of the debate.  


In the remaining areas of legal controversy, such as how the 
government wants to deal with encryption, the report offers no new 
insights. The Justice Department favors legislation that would make 
it easier for law enforcement agents to thwart computer encryption 
programs that they believe are being used to cover up crimes. But 
many industry executives and civil libertarians oppose such 

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