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[FYI] Zu den Funktionsmechanismen von Cyber Patrol(R) 4


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11 March 2000 

From: mskala@ansuz.sooke.bc.ca
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 04:46:40 -0800 (PST)
To: bennett@peacefire.org, info@peacefire.org, djones@efc.ca, 
efc@efc.ca, ask@eff.org, katina@eff.org, president@asfar.org, 
rre@lists.gseis.ucla.edu, cypherpunks@toad.com, srm_dfr@hotmail.com  
Subject: Cyber Patrol 4 reversed 

March 11, 2000 - ANNOUNCEMENT 

Cyber Patrol(R) 4, a "censorware" product intended to prevent users 
from accessing undesirable Internet content, has been reverse 
engineered by youth rights activists Eddy L O Jansson and Matthew 
Skala.  A detailed report of their findings, titled "The Breaking of 
Cyber Patrol(R) 4", with commentary on the reverse engineering 
process and cryptographic attacks against the product's 
authentication system, has been posted on the World Wide Web at this 


The abstract of the report: 

Several attacks are presented on the "sophisticated anti-hacker 
security" features of Cyber Patrol(R) 4, a "censorware" product 
intended to prevent users from accessing Internet content considered 
harmful. Motivations, tools, and methods are discussed for reverse 
engineering in general and reverse engineering of censorware in 
particular. The encryption of the configuration and data files is 
reversed, as are the password hash functions. File formats are 
documented, with commentary. Excerpts from the list of blocked sites 
are presented and commented upon. A package of source code and 
binaries implementing the attacks is included.  

Eddy L O Jansson


Matthew Skala


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