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Re: Musikindustrie-verliert-1999-$1,400,000,000

Ralf Stephan <ralf@ark.in-berlin.de> wrote:
>    In exciting news this week, the RIAA announced that due to the massive
>    piracy of digital music "ripped" from CD's and made available over the
>    Internet, the music industry lost negative $1,400,000,000 in CD sales
>    in 1999. In fact, the damage was so extreme that the industry shipped
>             negative 90 million fewer CD's than the year before.

Den gleichen Schwachsinn haben wir doch immer von der Software-Industrie
gehört - als würden 100% derjenigen, die Software (Musik) raubkopieren, das
Zeug stattdessen kaufen. 

A fool must now and then be right by chance.