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         For those whose workside Net access is pinned underneath several
         protocol layers of firewall, proxy servers, filtering
         software and a large fierce dog owned by your bastard IT
         department, comes MAILTUNNEL, one of the more desperate
         protocol hacks you'll ever be tempted to use. In layman's terms,
         it's the equivalent to pricking out messages in blood
         with a broken thumbnail onto paper made from your own scalp
         sheddings, then throwing them between the bars of your
         Turkish prison in the hope that someone may find them sixty
         years on. More technically, it tunnels a two-way TCP/IP
         connection through, may Postel forgive us all, an exchange
         of e-mails. You may find it useful, if only as an indicator
         that it really is time you changed jobs. Or rose up against
         your sysadmin.
   - those fifty-line company legal disclaimers .sigs? *steganography*!

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