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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: UK regulator wants to create new Web addresses; Chin

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                        UK Wants Tighter E-Trading Laws
                        by Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)

                        3:00 a.m. 14.Mar.2000 PST
                        FAIRFAX, Virginia -- It's not that Phillip
                        Thorpe hates the Internet, not exactly. But he
                        sure wishes the problems it causes him would
                        vanish as quickly as Bill Bradley's
                        presidential ambitions.

                        Thorpe has one of the most difficult jobs
                        anyone can hold nowadays: He's a regulator.
                        And not just any regulator, but the head of
                        the British agency responsible for overseeing
                        the financial services and securities

                        In the U.K., London-based Financial
                        Services Authority can shut down any
                        unacceptable Web site that doesn't
                        follow British law, but the agency's reach is

                        Thorpe is concerned that British subjects can
                        connect to any Web site anywhere in the world
                        to deposit money or spend their cash on risky
                        -- though perhaps profitable, and probably
                        unregulated - ventures. There's precious
                        little Thorpe or his FSA cohorts can do about


                        Thorpe said a third possibility would be to
                        devise a new Web address for approved finance
                        and investment sites that would look like

                        He said it would be a "specific kind of URL
                        for regulated financial entities, though we
                        know there are people we have to ask about



                        AOL Envy
                        by Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)

                        3:00 a.m. 14.Mar.2000 PST
                        FAIRFAX, Virginia -- Charles Zhang wants
                        to be China's equivalent of Steve Case.

                        The 35-year-old entrepreneur envisions
                        his company's portal, sohu.com, becoming
                        as synonymous with the Internet in the
                        world's most populous country as America
                        Online is in the world's most wired

                        "I've always admired Steve Case," said
                        Zhang, an MIT graduate who lives in
                        Bejing. "Through all these years, when
                        AOL is up and down and people predict
                        AOL is going to fail, AOL is now king of
                        the hill."


                        For one thing, the Chinese government
                        isn't exactly known for its love of the
                        Internet and Western influences like
                        erotica -- or anything critical of Beijing.


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