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[FYI] Mattel/Cyber Patrol sues blocklist decoders


Software Co. Sues Hackers

By TED BRIDIS, AP Technology Writer 

WASHINGTON (AP) - A company that makes popular software to block 
children from pornographic Internet sites filed an unusual 
lawsuit late Wednesday against two computer experts who developed 
a method for kids to deduce their parents' password and access 
those Web sites.

Microsystems Software Inc. of Framingham, Mass., which sells 
the widely used Cyber Patrol, asked U.S. District Judge Edward 
F. Harrington for a temporary restraining order requiring Eddy 
L. O. Jansson and Matthew Skala to stop distributing their
``cphack'' program immediately.

Skala, a Canadian graduate student in computer science, and 
Jansson, believed to be living in Sweden, published over the
 weekend on the Internet and in e-mail details about how to 
circumvent the filter technology in Cyber Patrol, which sells 
for about $30 and is widely used in many of the nation's 
elementary schools and libraries.


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