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more on book: "The First 100 Feet" (fwd)

Viel Spass

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for First 100 Feet by Deborah Hurley and James H. Keller (eds.)

       Lewis M. Branscomb

       Deborah Hurley and James Keller

Market Issues for the First 100 Feet

Household Financing of the First 100 Feet?
       David Gabel and Milton Mueller

Delivering on the Promise: Scenarios for Deploying Local Access
       Branko J. Gerovac and David C. Carver

The First 100 Feet for Households: Consumer Adoption Patterns
       John Carey

Models for Bottom-Up Investment

The Local Wireless Option
       David R. Hughes

The Rooftop Community Network: Free, High-Speed Network Access for Communities
       David A. Beyer, Mark D. Vestrich, and J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves

The Use of Existing Electrical Power Lines for High-Speed Communications to
the Home
       Michael Propp

Will Satellite Broadband Services Fulfill Their Promise?
       Bryan Vu

Opportunities and Challenges for Nontraditional Providers

A City Guide: Developing, Using, and Regulating Regional Telecommunications
Networks under the Telecommunications Act of
       Andrea L. Johnson

Power on Both Sides Now: The Critical Role of Electric Utilities in
Internet Development
       Steven R. Rivkin

Utilities Unleashed: An Answer to Customers' Internet and Broadband Service
       Bernice K. McIntyre

The Emerging Municipal Information Infrastructure: The Austin Experience
       Lon Berquist and August E. Grant