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You're going on vacation!

Title: Your name has just been selected to enter

Your name has just been selected to enter!

You're going to Florida and the Bahamas!

Your vacation is sponsored by National hotel 

chains and brought to you by

What you receive:

3 nights - Palm Beach

2 night -  Bahamas cruise

2 nights - Orlando

3 mini vacations


Due to the size of our newly built resorts most of the rooms were not being used.

We decided to generate the best type of advertisement for ourselves. Word of mouth.






















You were selected based on your demographic information. We are linked to 63 websites that offer free subscriptions to our exclusive list. This is a one time mail out. Only we have access to this list. This is a vacation provided by a national hotel chain. Thank you for your patience. If you wished to be removed submit an entry form with the word remove included and your request will be processed and fulfilled within 24 hours. One entry per household, have a great vacation!