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[FYI] MyWeb Inc.com Settles with IFPI


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MyWeb Inc.com Settles

Copyright Lawsuit  

By Sherman Fridman, Newsbytes 
March 27, 2000  

MyWeb Inc.com [AMEX:MWB] has settled the suit brought against it in 
China by the IFPI, a trade organization representing 1,400 record 
producers and distributors in 76 countries, claiming that MyWeb 
engaged in unauthorized use of their recordings on the Net.   

The Chinese lawsuit was a civil matter filed in China by four IFPI 
members: China Record, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music. 

Although MyWeb is headquartered in San Francisco, the IFPI lawsuit 
was filed in the Second Intermediary People's Court of Beijing in 
December 1999. The suit complained that MyWeb had set up Web pages on 
its China-based Web portal that enabled Internet users to download 
the sound recordings of IFPI members, in MP3 format through 
hyperlinks and search engines.  


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