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CORDIS RTD-NEWS/ European Communities, 2000.  

Record Control Number: 14559  

Date: 2000-03-27  

Category: Programme implementation  

General Information:  

The website for the action line 'Information Access, Filtering (IAF), 
analysis and handling' of the Information Society Technologies (IST) 
Programme, has been updated to account for new developments since the 
Work Programme 2000 was introduced.  

The new site can be accessed at  

URL: http://www.diffuse.org.iaf  

The overall objective of IAF is to develop advanced and generic tools 
and techniques for the management of multimedia content to empower 
the user.  

The focus set out in the Work Programme 2000 concerns the rich, 
descriptive models of digital information content covering all media 
types especially for emerging wireless and digital systems. New 
cognitive relations between systems and users via individualised 
metaphors and visualisation techniques, as well as related 
information and categorisation in two action lines (content-
processing for domestic and mobile multimedia platforms, and 
information visualisation) will also be covered.  

The website hosts a presentation on the action line, a selection of 
ongoing EU-funded projects, information on trade fairs and 
conferences and a downloadable pre-proposal consultation seminar, as 
well as direct weblinks to the Work Programme 2000 and the IST web 
hosted on CORDIS.  

Data Source Provider: El pub  

Document Reference: Based on information provided by Key Action III.4 

Programme Acronym: FRAMEWORK 5C; IST  

Subject Index Codes: Information Processing, Information Systems