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[FYI] (Fwd) Re: [CP-Legal] ZDNET: "Hackers settle Cyber Patrol suit"

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Subject:        	Re: [CP-Legal] ZDNET: "Hackers settle Cyber Patrol suit"

The settlement by the hackers is neat. They are out of the case and
their brilliant hack is freely available. Not their problem now.
Recall that two of the MPAA defendants in New York also settled. One
is now offering his invention of a variation on Gnutella which goes
farther than one-day wonder Gnutella ever did, as are other rapid
evolutions of copyright industry attacks. The WSJ today reports on the
probably "unstoppable" spread of unhierarchic hacks. No control, no
center, no censor, David, authoritarian parents have lost by failing
to see their children eating apples of knowledge. Time to change
missions to new positions, say, promoting censorware for parents
unable to face the reality of their own homes and cannot bear to think
of what's happening in their neighbor's.

Presumably the Boston judge will issue an injunction, then wash
his hands. Then he's out of it like the hackers. Mattel can declare a
Viet Nam victory, give its attorneys a hero's medal. Ignore reality,
neat mirror.
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