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Show about Daterape.org (fwd)

Erinnere mich gut, dass Kristian einmal voll so einem hoax aufgesessen
war, "Moerder zersaegen ihr Opfer in Internet", nette
Photoshopgeschichte, ein schwedischer Server, hier das:

I just received a telephone call from somebody and Time-Warner, on the
Warner side.  Seems the want to do a show about a web site that promotes
date-rape, which turns out to be daterape.org.

The plan to have some feminists and the web page owne, and suggested
that I might do as a representative of the First Amendment.

I explained that I am not photogenic and that I think the site
is an example of sophmoric humour (I now think that it is more
like satire, but at the time I had never actually seen the site.),
and that I was uncomfortable about the strong feelings that the site
arouses so that I would explain that the first amendment problems would
be the same if the site were ``shoplifting.org.''

At that point there was no longer any interest in me.

I thought, however, that I should alert you all to the fact that this
show is on the way apparently, and that its slant will obviously be
that daterape.org is seriously advocating daterape.

I have to go to class now, but if any of you more photogenic types
want to see if can get a slot on the show to represent the fista
amendment, send me e-mail, and I can give you the phonenumber of
the producer, or whatever his title is, in a couple of hours.

In haste,