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[FYI] Fighting Paedophilia on the Internet -- the Brussels Forum


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Fighting Paedophilia on the Internet -- the Brussels Forum 

More than 150 experts in jurisprudence, Internet operations, and 
child protection met at Palais d. Egmont in Brussels on 17 March 2000 
to reinforce the Fight against Paedophilia on the Internet, an 
international forum organised by the Association Mondiale des Amis de 
l. Enfance in cooperation with the World Citizens. Movement to 
Protect Innocence in Danger and UNESCO.  

The forum was given added importance by the high patronage of Her 
Royal Higness Princess Astrid, who participated in the afternoon 
sessions and spoke personally with several of the participants, 
expressing her vivid concern for the plight of children abused 
everywhere. The meeting was chaired by Jean Marie Piret, Attorney 
General of Belgium.  


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