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[FYI] Disney chief says Net must protect rights

[Ich lese das mal als direkte Aufforderung an den Marktfuehrer CISCO, 
in alle Router sowas wie RPS o.dgl. serienmaessig einzubauen.  --AHH]


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Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 08:27 p.m. Pacific 

Disney chief says Net must protect rights  

by Karen Fessler Bloomberg News  

LOS ANGELES - The growth of entertainment on the Internet will stall 
unless the creators of content can be sure that their intellectual 
property is protected against unauthorized use, Walt Disney Co. 
Chairman Michael Eisner said.  

The technology that offers advances to such industries as filmmaking 
and music production also jeopardizes copyrighted material by 
facilitating piracy, Eisner said, calling it the "perilous irony of 
the digital age."  

Eisner, speaking at the Variety/Schroders Big Picture Media 
Conference in New York, said Disney is pursuing a strategy to make 
the Internet safe for intellectual property. Among the initiatives is 
making the company's content available online at "a reasonable cost," 
Eisner said, adding that the music industry has proved that consumers 
are willing to pay for legally produced product even when pirated 
copies can be easily obtained.  


Eisner also criticized some high-profile companies for not actively 
working to prevent the illegal use of copyrighted material on the 
Internet. He cited Cisco Systems, the No. 1 maker of Internet 
equipment, as a company that has "taken a position of neutrality."  


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