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Re: [FYI] Scour.net to Debut 'Son of Napster'

> late last year, is spawning a host of imitators and making it even 
> more difficult to stop the widespread swapping of copyrighted music.  

Wie passt das dazu:

> Scour is also setting its own "three strikes" policy.If a copyright 
> holder notifies Scour about a particular user three times, Scour will 
> kick the user off its system.  
> "What they are trying to avoid is being held liable for direct 
> infringement," says Neil Rosini, a copyright attorney who represents 
> MyPlay.com. Rosini says Scour will have to demonstrate that its new 
> service is "principally for trading copyrighted works that are owned 
> by the people doing the trading."  

Na gut.
> "No one goes into this business prudently who has a desire to tick 
> off the recording industry unnecessarily," says attorney Andrew 
> Bridges, who defended Diamond Multimedia in its Rio case. "On the 
> other hand, the recording industry doesn't play fair, and no one can 
> wait for the RIAA's consent or approval in order to develop a 
> business plan."  

Aber da gibt nun wie bei Napster eine zentrale Datenbank. Wie war das mit
gnutella ?