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[FYI] US: Internet Gambling Prohibition Bill Passed The House Judiciary Committee

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Daily News 

Internet Gambling Prohibition Bill Passed 

By Brian Krebs, Newsbytes April 07, 2000  

The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved legislation to 
outlaw most forms of Internet gambling, including in the bill an 
amendment that would prohibit states from conducting lotteries 

In a 21-8 vote, the Judiciary committee passed an amendment in the 
nature of a substitute to the initial bill offered by Rep. Robert 
Goodlatte, R-Va., H.R. 3125 - the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. 
While the bill would outlaw most Internet gambling, it contains carve-
outs that allow closed-loop betting on parimutuel activities such as 
dog racing, horse racing and jai alai. The bill also contains 
liability provisions for ISPs that absolve them from prosecution if 
they or law enforcement discover that illegal gambling operations are 
running on their servers.  

Under the bill, convicted online gambling purveyors could be fined 
$20,000, or the amount of a particular bet in question, or sent to 
prison for up to four years, or some combination of those penalties.  


The bill also contains a clause that absolves ISPs from liability if 
illegal offline gambling advertising is run on their services, and 
also allows ISPs to run offline gambling advertisements when they 
advertise legal gambling establishments. ISPs under the clause, 
however, would be required to offer filtering services.  

The Senate passed a somewhat different Internet gambling ban at the 
end of 1999, which must now be reconciled with the House version in 
conference committee.  

Reported by Newsbytes.com  

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