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[FYI] Tracking device will help keep an eye on children


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Tracking device will help keep an eye on children  

Julia Hartley-Brewer Monday April 10, 2000  

Missing toddlers and truanting teenagers could soon be things of the 
past with the development of a revolutionary satellite tracking 
system to enable parents to keep an eye on their children 24 hours a 

A tiny gadget called KidBug will enable parents to monitor the 
movements of their children - and the manufacturer plans to give them 
to 10m parents before the end of the year in the expectation that 
many will pay the £10-a-month fee to use them.  

The 4cm sq unit, which can be concealed in a child's clothing, will 
be able to track the precise location of the child to within five 
feet using the global positioning satellite tracking system (GPS) 
more usually used to navigate at sea.  


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