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Akamai etc. II

Wenn wir alle Standleitung haben:

>ISP how, with Akamai servers locally,  its customers will pull far less 
>web traffic across the ISP's backbone that they would if the ISP tried to 
>do its own caching.  Or,  if the ISP just sent the packets back and forth 
>to the content provider's central servers.  In addition Akamai can 
>demonstrate how, in return for nothing more than some co-lo space and 
>bandwidth, the ISP will save bandwidth and give its customers better service.

The advantages of distributing client-servers hasn't been lost on the open 
source community either.  A very good editorial, "Client as Server: The New 
Model,"  was put up this weekend at 
http://www.freshmeat.net/news/2000/04/16/955943940.html  Starting with "the 
client is the server" Internet paradigm, it covers distributed computing 
project (e.g., seti@home), the Napster phenomenon and its major offspring: 
Gnutella and freenet.

This isn't Kansas anymore...