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Spiel und Spass, fyi.

Nicht dass ich von irgendwelchen wichtigeren Themen ablenken will, gerne
liesse ich mit p3p erklaeren, aber fuer die Ostertage vielleicht ganz
nett, war gerade in der mailbox:

PhatBoy Hacker
so phat it's fit (to burst...)

BATH, England -- May 12, 1999 -- Leading UK new media developer Modified
today announced the immediate availability of PhatBoy Hacker, a major
upgrade to its 1998 interactive music utility, PhatBoy.

PhatBoy Hacker enables you to combine audio, graphic and video samples to
automatically create endlessly morphing multimedia productions for Windows

and Macintosh platforms.

With PhatBoy Hacker you can import GIF and JPG bitmap files, AVI and
QuickTime movies, WAV, AIF and MP3 audio files.

These can then be quickly and easily combined to create ever-changing
track audio mixes of your own samples in realtime and run them with both
video and bitmap graphics as standalone creations - playing over your own
audio CDs if desired.

PhatBoy Hacker will trawl local hard drives and networks, preview the
multimedia files it finds and allow you to import chosen material.

When you've finished selecting, PhatBoy Hacker will automatically create
ever-changing mixes of your sample and videographic combinations - with a
handy readout of which files are playing.

With the facility to save and edit your creations, PhatBoy Hacker takes
hassle out of wading through your multimedia sample collections trying to
mix and match your sounds and vision.

Joe Maas, Modified's development director, comments: "The original PhatBoy

has proved to be an extremely popular creative tool for smartly sequencing

random sound samples together to produce eight track evolving mixdowns. So

we thought, okay, let's add some visuals to proceedings and support for
and audio CD. Cue PhatBoy Hacker - now you can mix and match your own
and graphics to any sound mix - whether it be from samples, MP3 or your
favourite CD."

Maas believes Hacker is the tool any budding new media artist or developer

should own, adding: "With its support to export to Macromedia cast format,

Hacker enables new media developers to pull together diverse media and act

as a digital sketchbook for content planning. What's more, its
user-selectable randomiser mode means Hacker will come up with audio and
visual combinations users won't have preconceived."

Types of standalone productions supported:
* audio only - WAV, AIF, MP3 or combinations thereof
* bitmap and audio - GIF, JPG and audio as above
* video and audio - AVI and QuickTime with audio as above
Plus playback over audio CDs

PhatBoy Hacker
For Windows 95, 98, NT, MacOS
Available now from www.modified.com
Price: =A319.99 Europe, $34.99 rest of world
E-mail: hacker@modified.com
Phone: +44 1225 337992
Minimum system requirements: multimedia capable computer with 24Mb RAM and


A free downloadable trial version of PhatBoy 1.0 is available at

Modified is an award-winning PC, Macintosh and Sony PlayStation
company based in Bath, UK specialising in creative music entertainment
software and tools.

The company's critically acclaimed CD-ROM and enhanced CD titles include:
frEQuency, Chillas, Morpha, frEQuency '99 and Digitalis. For additional
information, visit Modified's website at <http://www.modified.com>.

If you do not wish to receive press releases from MODIFIED, please e-mail
info@modified.demon.co.uk with 'drop it' as the subject.

Joe Maas, Modified
+44 1225 337992

(c) 1999 Modified Ltd. All rights reserved worldwide. All copyrights &
trademarks retained or acknowledged.