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Second contact

Dear Mr ( Mrs ) HEHL

My name is CLAUDIO RICARDO HEHL FORJAZ. I'm Brazilian and I live in
Cascavel, a city with about 300.000 people, in Parana State, Brazil.
I'm writing you because it is possible we are relatives, once my mother's
family's name is HEHL just like yours.
It's been a long time since my grandmother told me about my grandfather's
family. She said that my grandfather's father was German and that he came
to Brazil from Kassel to work here building a railway, as his brother, who
used to live in Hamburg, before coming to Brazil.
My last information revelated that Maximilian Emil Hehl was born in Germany
on September 17th 1861. He was Johannes Hehl and Carolin Wolff Hehl`s son.
His father was director of the Cassel Polytechnic College and his mother
lived in Wiesbaden, before she got married.
Mr Maximilian Emil Hehl graduated in Hannover Polytechnic College, following
the steps of Mr Ehr Hehl, Berlin Engineer College`s  professor; Mr Johannes,
his father; and Mr Rudolph and Christoph, his brothers.
Mr Maximilian Emil Hehl worked in his father’s technics papers and Mr Hartel
projects, one of the most renowned architects in Germany, at that time. His
studies and works, received many prizes. He worked also as an auxiliary of
the Mr Neckelmann, Mr Rinklagen and Mr Becker, all important engineers in
Maximilian was an architect and worked in many offices getting a huge
experience and talent. In 1888, his brother, Rudolph, invited him to join
the Engineering Company which was going to build a railway track from Bahia
to Minas Gerais, both Brazilian`s States. Mr Maximilian Emil Hehl accepted
the job and worked there for two years, lidering the Mucury way.
 After this work, Mr Maximilian Emil than moved to São Paulo City, where he
dedicated full time to engineering. In 1898, he became a professor at São
Paulo Polytechnic College. He  used to teach in his own office where he was
free to show his students his works and tell than the secrets of his perfect
Mr Maximilian Emil Hehl was responsable for the project of São Paulo
Cathedral (Catedral da Sé); Santos Fire Station and new Cathedral, Santa
Catarina Sanatorium, D. Anna de Alvarenga Hospital and Maternity, Church of
the Third Order of the Carmo. He also wrote some articles to Poytechnic
Mr Maximilian Emil Hehl died on August 27th 1916, after being ill for a long
period, without concluding his masterpiece, Sâo Paulo Cathedral.

For a  better identification, I`m going to show  Maximilian Emil Hehl`
Family Tree,:

Mr Johannes Hehl was Maximilian Emil Hehl` father. Mr Johannes had an older
sister, Mrs Maria Hehl Landmann Holler, who lived in Heiferskincher. His
other brothers were Cristoph Hehl Landmann, who lived in Conshaven; Anna
Maria Hehl, single; and Marg Hehl, married to Landmann Assuiarm and lived in
Johannes`s father and Maximilian Emil Hehl`s Grandfather was Johannes Hehl
Landmann, and  Johannes` mather and Maximilian` grandmother was Anna
Katherina Feckenvoth.
Maximilian Emil Hehl was the seventh son. His brothers and sisters were
Rudolf Hehl, Julius Hehl, Pauline, Christoph Hehl, Martha Hehl and Elizabeth
His first brother, Rudolf Hehl, married to Lucie Emmerich Hehl. Rudolf
Hehl`s son and daughter were Tussnelda; Leonor; Justina (was married to
Artur Neiva); Elfrieda (was married to Conrado Niemeyer); Lothar Hehl
(engineer); and Walter Hehl.
About Julius I have no information.
Pauline, another Johannes sister`, lived in London and she was a painting
teacher of the Prince of Wales, later on the King of England George V.
Christoph Hehl was architect, professor and rector of Berlin University,
married to Auguste Wiese Hehl. He had two sons, Maria Hehl Schwartz, who had
one daughter named Erica Schwartz; and Hans Hehl.
Martha Hehl, one of Maximilian` sisters, lived in Mainz; and Elisabeth Hehl,
his last sister, was a nun in Wiesbaden.
Maximilian Emil Hehl, seventh Johannes` son, married to Adelaide
Schritzmeyer in Brazil. One of their sons was Mr Werner Siegfried Hehl, my

Mr Werner Siegfried is my grandfather. He born in São Paulo on March 21th
1907 and he married to Mrs Helena Caiaffa Hehl. They had 5 sons: Wilma Sônia
Hehl Sylos Cintra; Maximilian Emil Hehl; Marly Helena Hehl Forjaz, my
mother; Walter Caiaffa Hehl; and Margot Vânia Hehl dos Santos. My Mother
married to José Américo de Moraes Forjaz. She had 3 sons: Claudio Ricardo
Hehl Forjaz, me; Paula Andréa Hehl Forjaz; and Patrícia Helena Hehl Forjaz.
My grandmother Helena told me that the origin of the name is from the XVIII
century, when the Austrian kings threw some nobles out of their country. Two
brothers scape
to German, and in a bar they decided to make this fact their top secret. And
as she told me, HEHL means PRINCIPAL, SPECIAL

Since those days I'm looking for another person who knows about my
family in German, Austria or any other countries.
One day, searching in Internet I found your e-mail and I wondered if you
knew this history or the destiny of another Hehl, so I can write and
rescue my family's history.

On May, 20th 2000,  Hehl`s  Family will gather in Sorocaba , São Paulo
State. I`d like to give  good news about  Hehl Family in Germany or in
another country and the great possibity to change information and talk about
our family, because the Brazilian` Hehls want to know new relatives.

Thanks for your attention and excuse me if you're not related to this

Claudio Ricardo Hehl Forjaz