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[FYI] AOL's "youth filters" protect kids from Democrats

Noch ein wenig Wasser fuer die Muehlen:



AOL's "youth filters" protect kids from Democrats 
     April 24, 2000

America Online provides "youth filters" that are supposed to keep 
kids out of dangerous Web sites--but they seem designed to elimi-
nate creeping liberalism.

For example, if you've set up AOL to restrict your children to 
"Kids Only" Web sites: 

 Your children can easily view the site of the Republican National 
  Committee, but the Democratic National Committee is blocked. 

 Children can call up the conservative Constitution Party and Li-
  bertarian Party, both of which are promoting their own U.S. pre-
  sidential candidates. But if they attempt to view Ralph Nader's 
  Green Party or Ross Perot's Reform Party, they see only a "not 
  appropriate for children" error. 




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