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[FYI] U.S.: UCITA auf dem Vormarsch


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Tuesday May 02 11:00 PM EDT  

Two states OK e-commerce standards bill  

By Patricia Jacobus, CNET News.com  

A hotly contested bill aimed at unifying e-commerce standards across 
the country gained some momentum recently as two states adopted it 
despite stiff criticism from consumer groups.  

With the state victories secured, the legal body that drafted the 
Uniform Computer and Information Transaction Act (UCITA) will push 
for approval in several other states during the next few months.  

The bill would control the licensing of everything from word 
processing software to stock quotes--a measure some say is sorely 
needed to update current commercial laws that don't address many Net 
transactions. But players in the world of e-commerce remain sharply 
divided over whether the bill is the cure.  


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