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[FYI] UPDATE - Record Companies Pulling A REAL SWINDLE

[Habe keine Ahnung, ob man das ernst nehmen muss...   --AHH]


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UPDATE - Record Companies Pulling A REAL SWINDLE

Contributed by God on Wednesday May 10, @ 10:57AM from the makes-me-
sick dept.  

writes "This morning's story (below, Artists To LOSE ALL Right To 
Their Work) mentioned a VERY low-publicity-generating bill which has 
passed the US House Of Representatives and comes before the US Senate 
this month. The bill, which is meant to set some rules for the 
retransmission of satellite signals by cable providers and other 
satellite-reception related issues, has what can be described as a 
virtually hidden, TOTALLY unrelated little "technical amendment" at 
the bottom of the bill, which basically says "oh yes, and by the way, 
all recorded music published by a music publisher (record company) is 
now "a work for hire", according to the definition of "work for hire" 
- in other words, all recorded music published and distributed by 
anyone other than the artist, is now owned, forever, for life, for 
eternity, by that publisher - the artist surrenders all rights to the 
work if he/she wants it published and distributed but chooses not to 
do so entirely by themself. Are you sickened yet? You should be. This 
is completely ridiculous, a shameless attempt to tack on a MAJOR 
swindle of the rights of artists without so much as anyone noticing. 
Read the full text of this bill, s1948, and also check out the 
website devoted to info/discussion of this bill, shva.com. Act now, 
kids. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. This is something that 
needs to get linked everywhere. And talked about. "  

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