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Re: [FYI] /. vs MS

On 11 May 00, at 18:55, Ralf Stephan wrote:

> Hoffe das ist ein Hoax.
> http://slashdot.org/features/00/05/11/0153247.shtml
> (Microsoft Asks Slashdot To Remove Readers' Posts)

No hoax:


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Embrace, extend, censor  

Microsoft asks Slashdot to remove posts revealing copyrighted 

- - - - - - - - - - - - By Andrew Leonard  

May 11, 2000 |  Yet another skirmish has broken out in the ongoing 
war between free-software hackers and proprietary-minded corporations 
-- and this one promises to be a doozy. On Wednesday, lawyers 
representing Microsoft requested the removal of a series of posts on 
the bulletin boards at Slashdot, the popular "news for nerds" Web 

Citing the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 
Microsoft asserted that the Slashdot posts, which reveal information 
about Microsoft's proprietary version of a popular security 
technology called Kerberos, include "unauthorized reproductions of 
Microsoft's copyrighted work" -- as well as information on how to get 
around access restrictions protecting Microsoft's "data 


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