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[FYI] (Fwd) Cybercrime is EU priority after 'love bug' virus

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Cybercrime is EU priority after 'love bug' virus

Cracking cybercrime is a top priority for the European Union, which
will treat the issue with the urgency it deserves, said Information
Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen today as major organisations
around the world counted the cost of the 'love bug' computer virus
attack. The e-mail virus, believed to have originated in Manila before
it swept the world on Thursday 4th May, caused problems for
governments, financial institutions and news organisations including
the CIA and US Congress. The EU institutions were not affected.

In a statement issued by the Commission, Mr Liikanen said the virus
attack had again raised awareness of the importance of information
security, which was crucial in order to ensure and promote confidence
of consumers and investors in e-commerce.

"The love bug is a warning to us all that security must be given top
priority if consumer and user confidence is to be maintained as we
move into the information age. The Commission is determined to give
security the urgency it deserves, both in its own computer systems and
in the policies it promotes", the Commissioner said.

One of the most important EU measures currently in the pipeline is a
forthcoming Communication on cybercrime which will propose improving
co-operation amongst national law enforcement authorities and other
stake-holders and raise awareness of the need for effective security
measures by service providers and access to the latest relevant

The Commission is also due to take part in the G8 High-Tech Crime
Convention in Paris on May 15th-17th with industry and law enforcement

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