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(fwd) Re: Intrusion from MIT???

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On 12 May 2000 02:03:36 -0600, vsync <vsync@quadium.net> wrote:

>krask@mediac.dk (Kristian Rask) writes:
>> I just heard a story the other day - a portscanning entity from the
>> middle-east. One of the maintainers at the local isp mailed a log to
>> abuse@<isp-in-middle-east>. 
>> 1 day after the reply came that they had received the mail
>> a few weeks later another reply came - they found the entity
>> and could inform that the entity now had 1 less finger !
>>  Ouchh......
>> As the maintainer stated - well.. he can try it 9 more times :-///
>10 - that's what the nose is for, right?  =)

I heard a story from someone at IBM that one of the salesman got his
briefcase stolen when he was over there. He notified the authorities
and a few weeks later he gets his briefcase back in the mail with a
hand in it, the hand of the guy that stole it. I guess that stuff
really happens over there. Probably cuts down on the theft problem
quite a bit....

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