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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: G8 officials meet in Paris this week to discuss computer crime

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Officials from the G8 nations are meeting in Paris this week for a
summit on "cybercrime." It is being organized by the French-Japanese

The BBC reports the summit is designed to fix "legal loopholes" and
discuss additional criminal laws:

At the last G8 "cybercrime" summit last fall, delegates reportedly
said they wanted to require Internet providers to keep copies of
users' email for three months:

The U.S. heads the G8 cybercrime working group. Scott Charney, at the
time the Justice Department's representative, said in July 1999 that
the G8 group was debating the three-month storage requirement,
surveillance, and encryption:

This comes as the U.S. and other countries are trying to advance a
global "cybercrime" treaty using the Council of Europe. The draft
treaty would grant police more powers and in some ways restrict
privacy, and Janet Reno has said the G-8 would be another vehicle for
similar agreements:

Here's a report on an earlier May 1998 G8 high-level meeting:

Concidentally, the Washington Post on Sunday ran a front-page article
as a Love Bug followup. It said not enough countries had computer
crime laws and warned of an international "growing population of young
hackers who are only too happy to experiment and take their chances
with the law":

G8 justice and interior ministers also met via videoconference in
December 1998. The ministers made very brief introductory remarks
before reporters were kicked out of the room:

I'd be interested in seeing details of what's being discussed this
week. Unfortunately, if history is any indication, not much will be
released to the press or the public.


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