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Gartner Group über Open Source



Nikos Drakos, an analyst at Gartner, said: "Contrary to common
perceptions, open source development is often tightly controlled.
In addition, the availability of the source code and the
requirement to share modifications promote longer-term
viability, reduce the entry barriers for those offering services and
support, and discourage 'Balkanisation' [when vendors
deliberately build in proprietary extras to make their offerings
attractive enough to buy]." 

First on Gartner's hitlist is the myth that no one controls open
source development. The researcher said this view ignores the
fact that open source products are tightly controlled either by a
single individual or a small developer group, as is the case with

The idea that anyone can change open source software so that
it will eventually becomes unstable, also get short shrift. Gartner
argues that few people have access rights to integrate code
and that enterprises are to select older versions have code that
has been proven to be stable. 


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