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[FYI] Microsoft: "Naturally we know it's Linux on the server"


"Naturally we know it's (Linux) on the server."
  -Joachim Kempin, Senior VP, OEM Division, Microsoft

As Senior VP, OEM Division, Joachim Kempin looks after
Microsoft?s worldwide OEM sales, marketing and support
activities. He is also responsible for developing the company?s
relationships with its PC manufacturing partners and OEM
distribution partners worldwide, as well as for licensing
desktop operating systems and other Microsoft products for
PC hardware vendors. 

A mathematics graduate from the University of Hannover,
West Germany, Kempin is also a member of the Microsoft
Business Leadership Team. In an interview to DATAQUEST,
Kempin fielded questions on how the Redmond giant plans to
deal with the threat from ASPs, Linux, the 64-bit operating
system and other such issues which threaten to unseat the
company from its dominant position.


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