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[FYI] ECHR: Secret listening device invades privacy


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May 23 2000 


Secret listening device invades privacy 

Khan v United Kingdom (Application No 35394/97)  

Before J.-P.Costa, President, and Judges W. Fuhrmann, L. Loucaides, 
P. Kuris, Sir Nicolas Bratza, H. S. Greve and K. Traja  

Section Registrar: S. Dollé  

[Judgment May 12, 2000]  

As domestic law did not regulate the use of covert listening devices 
at the time of the applicant's conviction, the European Court of 
Human Rights held unanimously that the applicant's right to respect 
for private and family life, as guaranteed by article 8 of the 
European Convention of Human Rights, had been violated.  

Furthermore, as the applicant did not have an effective remedy in 
respect of his claim under article 8, the Court also held unanimously 
that article 13 of the Convention had been breached.  

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