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[FYI] U.S.: Universal City Studios v. Reimerdes - zuviel Oeffentlichkeit ist unerwuenscht


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May 24, 2000 

By Hand 

The Honorable Lewis A. Kaplan
United States District Judge
Southern District of New York
500 Pearl Street
Room 870
New York, New York 10007 

Re: Universal City Studios v. Reimerdes
00 Civ. 0277 (LAK)(RLE) 

Dear Judge Kaplan: 

By letter of May 2, 2000 we expressed our objection to the request of 
the New York Observer for leave to attend depositions
in this action. Believing that Defendants now intend to publish over 
the Internet complete deposition transcripts of Plaintiff's
witnesses (as well as complete video tapes), we called Defendants' 
counsel asking for an agreement that the transcripts and
video tapes not be disclosed to persons not directly involved in this 
litigation. Defendants' counsel refused to commit to refrain
hm publishing the transcripts, however. We respectfully request that 
the Court enter a protective order to prevent Defendants
from posting either the transcripts themselves or video recordings or 
other information from depositions in this case on the


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