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[FYI] Banned Napster users get second chance


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Banned Napster users get second chance  

MP3 fans who have been thrown off the Napster digital music sharing 
website have been offered a backdoor way onto the system.  

A group of open-source application developers have released a free 
software patch that circumvents the ban imposed after complaints from 
musicians Metallica and Dr Dre that users were breaching their 

More than 300,000 users have so far had their Napster accounts 
terminated because they have downloaded Dr Dre or Metallica tracks. 
Many have found it impossible to re-register because Napster has 
modified their Windows registry files to prevent them using the 

A patch has been issued by an anonymous group of developers which 
resets the Windows registry system to the default setting, thus 
erasing the changes made by Napster.  


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