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Bravo on your $325 US win!

Title: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Segasolutions and InstaLotto.net are the proud sponsors of the first ever

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Web Casino Giveaway

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Delivered by Segasolutions to opt-ins and referrals only. All winners must be 21 years old and over and a credit card holder and depositor. This message is in full compliance with Federal requirements for commercial email and cannot be considered SPAM since it includes a remove mechanism. remove@segasolutions.com

If the remove link is not active please contact your ISP webmaster, network administrator and their backbone provider to demand why they disrupted the remove link and made it impossible for you to have your email removed from our lists. Please understand that there is a conspiracy strictly economically driven that would like to charge marketing companies like ours for delivering messages. All companies must be given a fair opportunity to market on the internet regardless of their size contrary to the vision held by a few control-seeking major providers. These companies are presently funding anti-spam groups and refuse to recognize the difference between legitimate bulk email marketers and spammers. If permitted their action will be the beginning of restricting and controlling access to the internet.