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[FYI] fm: The Coming Storm


The Coming Storm
jeff covey <jeff.covey at pobox.com> - June 03rd 2000, 23:59 EST 

While data locked in a proprietary format may be an inconvenience, 
it isn't a dead end for computer users; hackers can always find 
a way around software limitations. But what if the limitation 
is in the hardware? In today's editorial, Bruce Bell considers 
a world in which information is locked inside "trusted client" 
devices and explains why he thinks the Open Source community 
should be worried. 


'Ein Spassvogel hat uebrigens neben einem Colaautomaten einen 
 kleinen Zettel  geklebt: "This is the pavillion of the United
 States of America".' 
	-- http://www.heise.de/tp/deutsch/special/expo/6826/1.html