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[FYI] /.: The Leased Life


The Leased Life?

[ News ] Posted by Cliff on 21:29 6th June, 2000
from the dangerous-trends dept.

Effugas asks: "I've been thinking about something off and on for some
time now...perhaps, in all of our complaining that the patent office
equates 'net' with 'new', we've done a bit of this ourselves? I'm thinking
particularly in regards to non-computer related economic trends that
look suspiciously like what the computer industry has taught us to
expect. To wit: You don't own your apps (ASP's), you can't control your
software (UCITA), your music isn't yours (SDMI), your privacy isn't
yours, etc. Now look at the real world in areas where tech savviness is on
the rise: leased cars, rented houses, long term apartments / condos /
duplexes...your employment is at will and can disappear anytime, and
your cities seem strangely hostile to you doing anything other than
working, sleeping, or spending. Note the lack of any kind of long term
commitments, ownerships, investments, or so on... Is there a relationship
between tech patterns and what's going on outside? I'd appreciate your


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