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[FYI] Report: Online Privacy Crisis Yet To Come


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Report: Online Privacy Crisis Yet To Come  

By Chet Dembeck  

E-Commerce Times  

June 7, 2000  

A new report by Forrester Research suggests that the online privacy 
debate will temporarily subside and then reach a crisis point by 

"First, businesses under continuing relentless competitive pressure 
will increase the power and the scope of their information handling 
abilities," Forrester analyst Jay Stanley writes. "Second, the 
privacy issue will spill outward from Web sites to offline data 
collection, privacy threats built into software and the aggregation 
of data by marketers and personal information brokers."  

Stream of Scandals  

According to the report, the third factor that will ignite this 
second wave of privacy problems will be a "steady stream of privacy 
mini-scandals" uncovered by the media that will create a sharp sense 
of the harm that can come from privacy violations.  


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