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[FYI] /. collects EULAs


Examples Of Questionable EULAs?

           [ News ] Posted by Cliff on 14:13 9th June, 2000
           from the do-your-part-to-abolish-bad-laws dept.
           Vergil Bushnell approached me with a wonderful opportunity.
           writes: "I'm an e-commerce policy analyst working for the
           Consumer Project on Technology, a research and advocacy
           organization founded by Ralph Nader. I spend much of my time
           working to oppose UCITA. I'm trying to collect examples of
           particularly egregious shrinkwrap and clickwrap license
           "agreement" clauses to better illustrate the potential
           repercussions of the UCITA. I would like to ask Slashdot
           to contribute examples of such clauses -- especially those
           seek to prevent benchmarks/ criticism, allow software
licensors to
           harvest confidential data about consumers and their
activities, and
           permit remote termination and/or the existence of "backdoors"
           software. So if you've ever had a problem with the language
of a
           particular EULA, and you are worried about the notion of the
           UCITA now is your chance to do your small part in trying to
           the law changed. Read on... 

           "Egregious EULA clauses posted as the result of this 'Ask
           Slashdot' will be verified and posted on CPT's UCITA Web site
           -- (giving credit to the "discoverer") for all to see. 

           Please accompany your postings with a brief description of
           you discovered the EULA (if downloaded, include the URL of
           relevant Web site), the date you found the EULA, and (if you
           wish to receive credit for finding the EULA) your name." 

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