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[FYI] Drei gelbe Sterne: .xxx


Senator Seeks .Sex 
by Declan McCullagh 

3:00 a.m. Jun. 9, 2000 PDT 

Senator Joseph Lieberman wants to segregate Internet smut. 

The Connecticut Democrat said Thursday that the U.S. government should
consider alternative ways of shielding children from sexually explicit 
material, such as creating a new top-level domain such as ".sex" 
or ".xxx." 

"This idea, which would in effect establish a virtual red-light
district ... has a lot of merit, for rather than constricting the Net's
open architecture it would capitalize on it to effectively shield
children from pornography, and it would do so without
encroaching on the rights of adults to have access to protected
speech," Lieberman said at the third meeting of the federal
Commission on Child Online Protection. 

Lieberman stressed that he voted against the Communications
Decency Act, which later was found to be unconstitutional, when
it was a stand-alone bill, but neglected to mention that he voted
for it when it was part of the larger Telecommunications Act of


McCandlish also said the proposal "may not be constitutional"
since it might force legitimate sites dealing with sexual issues to
self-censor by segregating themselves in a less desirable
neighborhood of the Net. 


"Twentysomething digirati offer this response to copyright-related
 quandaries technology has spawned: 'Copyright is dead. Get over it.'"
	-- http://www.inside.com/story/Premium_Story?art_id=5280